Spiritual awareness is an actually-ongoing process. It is far from a final accomplishment. That means that the people who state that there is a final state of enlightenment are confused with a typical misconception in regards to what enlightenment is. They are taught that the individual in some way will become enlightened, as when there is a pre-enlightened state, and after that a post-enlightened state.

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Stories that take place in a conveniently historic time state that following a seeker experienced some kind of special experiences, anyone grew to become completely and permanently enlightened. It is extremely practical that it takes spot in an early time, isn’t it? And also you won’t be blown away to learn this individual, after their enlightenment experience, amazingly understood everything in the world there is to know.

If you like to believe such tales, without having asking much deeper questions regarding the problem, then appreciate them as magical stories, but don’t take them literally.

What truly happened in these historic tales? The person explained in such tales had a consciousness changing experience. Well, that’s fantastic — to them. But there are lots of specifics left out of these tales. Above all, such profiles appear to constantly believe that when someone has already established a consciousness changing experience, which experience is named as enlightenment, that this means that anyone grew to become completely and flawlessly mindful of all things.

How come these religious tales state that this total, one 100 % enlightenment is exactly what took place? The tales must state that, as if the tales were realistic, then they wouldn’t turn out to be larger-than-life mythic profiles. When the tales were realistic, they might be famous for the things they really are — profiles of people who experienced their own personal transformational experience.

You are in a continuous process of divine awakening

Really, you are in a continuous state of awareness growth. You are understanding in every minute of each day — your soul is maturing. You might claim that the more mature souls that have a much deeper universal perspective have a much more enlightened perspective than young souls. They may be relatively much more aware. And that implies that enlightenment explains a progressive process, rather than a permanent condition.

Numerous well-intentioned teachers have repeated what they have been told about enlightenment. For many years, individuals assumed that enlightenment was actually a permanent condition — as soon as you’re there, you’re automatically enlightened forever. Within the centuries, many teachers have tended to tag certain individuals as enlightened, and a lot others as unenlightened.

The concept that certain folks are permanently enlightened can make many religious pupils really feel safe, as it helps make the world appear neat and easy to understand — just like a college, in which you consider advanced levels, and finally you graduate to enlightenment. Then, once you have that advanced degree, everybody knows that you will be an officially recognized expert. Or, are you?

Using a university degree may, or may not, mean that you will be truly experienced. Without having a degree doesn’t mean that you will be any essentially experienced, either. You must evaluate each person individually, and that means that your world is not really quite as neat and compartmentalized as you would like so that it is.

If using a degree doesn’t prove anything, this is even more true considering religious accomplishment. The inability to categorize individuals may be concerned many religious pupils, and it makes them really feel insecure. If there is no such thing to be officially enlightened, then how will you correctly categorize individuals as truly religious?

What if you had no definite approach to know if someone was enlightened or otherwise not? But perhaps that is the wrong question. The following is an inspiring possibility — perhaps you can quit asking regardless of whether someone is enlightened, and start asking much more helpful concerns. But to form these concerns, you have to realize that this is a world of vibrations, and everyone is expressing their own unique blend of vibrations.

Everybody is engaging in the spectrum of consciousness

There exists a spectrum of consciousness, from not aware, to very aware. It is a vast spectrum, with infinite levels of delicate variations within it. You are inside that spectrum of consciousness. And everybody is engaging in this one wide spectrum of consciousness as well.

You might even refer to it as the Continuum Of Enlightenment. It is like a huge community that everyone is actually a member of. Everybody is because spectrum, expressing different levels of awareness.

Nevertheless, there is absolutely no specific point on that spectrum that is certainly definitely enlightened. Quite, there are infinite levels of enlightenment, from low to high. But, our prime range stretches to infinity, and contains no limit. That means that your job is to turn out to be incrementally much more aware than you were yesterday.

If enlightenment is definitely the progressive expansion of awareness, and if awareness is limitless, after that your explorations in consciousness do not have final conclusion place. There is no established ending place in which you graduate. You will end up able to being much more aware tomorrow than you are today. Consciousness is definitely able to increasingly aware — it is usually wanting to become a little more conscious.

Even the individual who seems enlightened to you personally is just relatively much more enlightened than somebody else. That so-called enlightened person is on the very same spectrum of consciousness that you will be on, exploring how to be much more aware. From that person’s point of view, they are not yet enlightened — they understand that they will usually have new vistas of consciousness to discover.

Illusions about being permanently free of problems

But what about those people who are confident that they have attained a permanently enlightened standing? Beware — they are creating a personal-deluded mistake. They believe that there is certainly such a thing being a permanent condition of enlightenment. Consciousness growth is not really so easy, nevertheless, simply because as you cgkiys evolve, your sub-conscious patterns steadily surface.

When your patterns surface, you are surprised to discover that this problems that you believed you experienced dealt with in the past remain surfacing. They emerge from even much deeper levels within your subconscious mind, but perhaps in a much more delicate way than before. To recognize this is happening necessitates that you humbly recognize that you aren’t quite as supremely aware as you believed you were.

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