Maybe you have seriously considered how much waste you are creating when you drink your afternoon herbal tea? This really is, obviously, assuming that you use a tea bag. Granted, a tea bag is a little factor – actually, in terms of waste, it seems like like it ought to be the least of the concerns. Better worry-time can be invested in the waste of your daily newspaper or on excess packaging of food.

To be honest, though, even the small things count. Individuals often neglect the little things, like herbal tea bags, but in the end, those herbal tea hand bags really accumulate to numerous squander! Sure, your paper is larger, however you most likely reuse it, right? Can you “recycle” a herbal tea handbag? No, however you can use it inside your garden.

Environmentally Friendly Tea Handbag Tips:

· As opposed to tossing out old herbal tea bags, why not put them in your compost bin? The vitamins and minerals in the herbal tea are good improvements for your long term fertilizer, and many regular herbal tea bags are naturally degradable. They will likely add acidity in your garden compost.

· Try to find tea hand bags without staples, or at a minimum eliminate the staples before you place the hand bags inside your compost bin.

· Try to find unbleached tea bags.

· Check for tea hand bags that do not use inefficient strings or tags. The Republic of Herbal tea can make environmentally-friendly unbleached tea bags without having basics, labels, or strings.

· Choice Natural Herbal tea use unbleached manila hemp and unbleached timber pulp for herbal tea hand bags. In addition they use 100 % unbleached natural cotton string. Even the herbal tea bag envelopes that Choice Natural Herbal tea is packed in is eco-friendly.

· Be sure that your tea hand bags are made from all-natural materials, like those created by the German compny Finum. These are much better for that atmosphere, and they will not add any “extra” taste to your green tea leaf or some other teas…

· Recycle your herbal tea bag envelopes.

· Think about using a herbal tea diffuser. Many people choose the flavor of loose leaf herbal tea over bagged herbal tea, anyhow. And if you use a diffuser, you can know that no extra energy was wasted on production it – think of all power used to create the papers envelopes, bags, and box of any normal tea bag. The best of this is, an excellent herbal tea diffuser will last a lifetime.

· Unless you want to buy metallic diffuser, you may value a hemp herbal tea handbag. A hemp herbal tea bag can be applied over and over. Additionally, there are hemp coffee filter systems readily available that can be utilized many times, as well.

· Speaking of coffee – unbleached coffee filters and espresso reasons can be included for your compost pile, as well. Each filter systems and tea hand bags break down quickly.

· Unless you have a compost pile, add your coffee and tea grounds right to the garden soil about blossoms. Plants appreciate it.

In general, tea hand bags are much more inefficient than tea diffusers, however they do not have to get. The key is to give your utilized herbal tea hand bags a second life within your backyard. Unless you possess a backyard, never ever worry. There are lots of much more uses of utilized herbal tea bags that may ditbyv you. Tea bags can do anything whatsoever from tenderizing meats to stopping bleeding gum area. They can be employed to eliminate furniture polish, seed a lawn, treat shaving nicks, and a lot more.

Once again, although, the key to decreasing squander starts with buying environmentally friendly herbal tea bags in the first place. Then, add them to your garden compost or find an additional use for them.

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