The X-Jet is named that because it is an “external” injection system, introducing the cleaner to the water after all of the hoses and fittings. Utilizing an X-Jet prolongs the life of your put on items such as hoses and fast-connects. Always soap from your base up and rinse from your best down. It is possible to apply a strong cleanser towards the surface of the home and allow it to sit for about ten minutes prior to rinsing it off. You can achieve the work with pressure washer, but degreasers and salt hypochlorite are the main ingredients that most experts depend on. Our experience led us to choice to get a butyl-based degreaser for its terrific outcomes around the hydrocarbons that will make the atmospheric dirt keep to the home surface.

When energy washing with an X-Jet, you automatically dilute the cleaner at some proportion. If you need to dilute a product prior to running it via your X-Jet, the math can get pretty confusing. Let’s get started with the fundamentals of by-jets, and progress to Combination Proportions.

The By-Jet is simply a chemical substance delivery system disguised as a pressure-clean tool. And keep you away from ladders for housewashing, it will deliver any chemical substance to places as much as 40 feet up within the air without having requiring that chemical substance to undergo the pump, hoses, fittings, and so on. The phrase we have now coined for this particular is “external injection”. Rather than replacing brass QC fittings in as little as 90 days or replacing hoses as frequently as as soon as annually (which occurs when you downstream powerful cleaners) these put on products will last for years when all they actually touch is water. Ultimately, those who own X-Jets remain off ladders more often, conserve plenty of cash on substitute components, and save your time and labor dollars.

We even demonstrated the By-Jet for our Work Comp carrier and got our high quality reduced because it revealed that we may not normally make use of a ladder for any housewash work.

There are two natural difficulties to get over when you start applying this tool, however. One of such issues is the mathematics of double dilutions. One other is mobility while working on big locations (like washing homes).

The double dilution mathematics problem comes about when you must initially dilute a concentrated cleaner prior to placing it through the By-Jet (which dilutes the product another time). A few of us have trouble with ratios and dimensions and proper dilutions, and dual-dilutions are doubly hard to think through.

When using an By-Jet (and also you are employing soap concentrates for cleaning energy and inexpensive) this could be just excessive mathematics. Many building contractors just try things out until they locate a mix oinrgp functions, but there is a much better, more precise way to consider these complicated dilutions.

Let’s say you need to use Energy House exterior siding cleanser (which can be so focused that this label recommends to not use it on decorated surfaces with a dilution less than 15:1). Which means 15 parts water to one component soap. With the By-Jet and this effective cleanser, you have several options to get the preferred results.

We will shape on utilizing our 4 GPM power washer. (X-Jet dimensions change in accordance with the GPM in the gear.) Let’s also not worry excessive about being exact. If we are shooting for 15 : 1 and can easily get to 16 : 1, we just should accept 16 : 1 as “close enough”.

Under the 4 GPM column inside the X-Jet directions, we have seen the following:

No proportioner: 1.6 : 1

Greyish 2.5 : 1

Black 5 : 1

Beige 10 : 1

Red 16 : 1

…and so on.

What options should we have? Properly, we might thin down the product 10 : 1 and after that operate it from the By-Jet with no proportioner and get 16 : 1. Or we could just drop the By-Jet garden hose into the jug of cleaner and use the red proportioner, which delivers 16 : 1. The two are the easy types.

If the only proportioner I could find that time was the grey one, the mathematics would get a small harder. So that you can end up getting 16 : 1 as my dilution, I would need to thin down the cleaner to some level. The math will not be difficult, just unknown. In that case, I know that I would like to deliver 15 gallons of mix for each gallon of concentrated cleanser i use. Should I make use of the greyish proportioner (2.5 : 1) i separate the 15 gallons that I wish to end up with by the 2.5 ratio of my proportioner. That informs me i should start out with 6 gallons of diluted cleaner – made from one gallon of my focused Energy House. Adding 5 gallons of water to one gallon of Energy House can give me 6 gallons of cleanser, that the By-Jet will further dilute to 15 gallons of cleanser with the 2.5 : 1 grey proportioner.

The number of gallons of cleanser should you plan for any work? A common number for making use of high quality concentrated products is the fact, in their last dilution, they will include about 150 sq ft per gallon. If the surface to become cleaned is approximately 3000 sq ft, then you will require about 20 gallons of cleaner (3000 / 150). So, when the home we have been washing has about 2400 sq . ft . of surface (an excellent common dimension), we will need (2400 / 150 =) about 16 gallons of cleanser.

Let’s also believe that the recipe we are going to use is definitely the subsequent: 1 Part Energy Home

2 Parts 12.5% Bleach

7 Parts water

= 10 Areas of cleaner

Used with no proportioner in our X-Jet, which means that we thin down this to 1.6 : 1, the 10 Elements of cleaner blend we start with will become 16 Areas of cleaner placed on the surface. This is the proper amount for that 2400 sq . ft . house we used as our instance.

This formula results in the ability Home winding up watered down to 15 : 1 (15 Components water and chlorine bleach to 1 Part Power Home). Additionally, it eventually ends up with the bleach in a 1.8% concentration (14 Components water and Energy House to 2 Parts 12.5% bleach) which can be plenty strong enough for many situations.

Clearly in case you have a power washer that only places out 3 GPM, your proportions change (and thus should your formula). You will nevertheless require the same number of gallons (16) to clean up the outer lining. The X-Jet (with no proportioner) on a 3 GPM energy washer will thin down the cleanser with a ratio of 1.2 : 1 (as opposed to 1.6 : 1). This means that we need 13 gallons of cleanser to perform the identical work. (16 / 1.2 = 13).

In this scenario, creating a recipe is straightforward. The recipe previously mentioned leads to 10 gallons of cleaner with all the components inside the right proportion. We need to end up having 13 gallons of cleanser, so we need to use 1.3 occasions just as much of every component to have the appropriate result. Here is the simple transformation:

1.3 gallons of Power Home

2.6 gallons of 12.5% chlorine bleach

9.1 gallons of water

= 13 gallons of cleanser

Once you have nailed lower your property washing formulation, you are ready to start work. Here is in which “flexibility” will become an issue. Most building contractors commence with an By-Jet without any add-ons, since they are unfamiliar with the product and the possible. We see individuals paying attention to obtaining the cheapest cost around the internet for your tool, but not talking to somebody skilled at how to operate the tool to its fullest capacity. The sellers that have never went in wet boots just don’t know how important these accessories are.

The top product on the list is the spill-proof Closed Pail System . This is a 5-gallon pail that is certainly totally closed and should not be spilled (even when it is tipped more than). You just detach the mushroom filtration system from the By-Jet siphon garden hose and affix that siphon garden hose directly to the pipe emerging from the drip-evidence jug. The pipe runs as a result of the foot of the 5-gallon container, so you always pull cleaner from the base of the pail. The box, when full, weighs 40 pounds, which can be simple sufficient to hold from one side from the developing to another. It will have sufficient cleansing soap so that you can most likely only refill it as soon as to finish the average home clean (especially if you use one from the proportioners). If you unintentionally pull the garden hose and tip the jug more than, your cleanser will continue to be within the jug as well as your By-Jet continue to siphon out cleanser in the appropriate proportion.

The maker used to create a backpack box, but there have been constantly natural issues using a backpack. I understand, via a really personal experience, that backpacks build leaks with time. You don’t want a thing that will clear a home leaking down into your personal areas. The brand new closed-system pail is about fifty percent the buying price of the old rucksack system, and a lot far better to use.

In case you have questions on how to work with an X-Jet or where you should purchase one, make sure you call us or search online in the Sunlight Brite Provide online store.

Incidentally, consider adding bonuses like 4 ounces of Moist Wax tart to help make your house-wash blend ‘special’ for your customers. The Moist Wax provides a soft gloss on aluminum or vinyl exterior siding which will look good for a number of days. This will help get more jobs in the community. Because you don’t demand additional for adding the wax, folks are happily surprised through the great look it simply leaves more than ordinary house washes. Four ounces of Wet Wax might cost you as little as 60 cents. Another great adder to customize your blend is always to include 4 ounces of SoSoft Wash Aid. This allows the windows to rinse nearly place-totally free – a great “up-market”. We charged clients whenever we additional the rinse aid to the last wash of the house, having said that i know several contractors who just toss it in as part of their service. This really is a thing that costs as little as 40 cents per house, to help you financially include it inside your mix without having charging you extra.

Finally, think about cleansing the outside the gutters being an additional-charge service. Gutter Zap along with your X-Jet make an unbeatable group for the job. Expect so that you can eliminate about 90% of those annoying black streaks without having actually obtaining on the step ladder!

In every, washing a home with an By-Jet is affordable from the labor/time point of view – with a lot of jobs only taking an hour or so to accomplish (or as much as 2 hours for huge houses). The cleanser mix is relatively cheap as well.

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