Uranian astrology is the cruelest branch of astrology. If you cannot bear meeting with tough, terminal pathologies, if you do not wish to take lethal responsibility for the consequences of you advice — you must don’t do it. In case you are not a medical doctor by profession, you will need to prepare well and read literature, ราศี ยูเรเนียน, gather information from the Internet, engage in forums, groups, membership sites etc.

The issues of curing are drastically different from what astrologers usually do during the reading. In an ideal world, astrologers advise and clients change their behavior, in order to spend the surplus energy the planets and stars send them. Medical astrologer might be more concrete and suggest wearing certain crystals, colours, aromatherapy, flower remedies and so on. It is actually best that the professions of medical astrologer and medical professional usually do not mix. Ideally, medical astrologer fails to cure and also the client is not the individual, unless the medical astrologer is physician as well, or eventually, a professional homeopath. Neither should medical astrologer be considered a healer: he or she should only give a highly qualified prognosis of malefic influences who have already manifested being a disease and can — unless nothing is undertaken — continue to manifest thus, probably with heavier consequences since the time progresses.

Medical astrologer reaches out for all astrological techniques and techniques that something may be deduced regarding the nature of illness. They must be, above all, a competent astrologer, must command a variety of astrological techniques and utilize them for the advantage of your client as well as their health. Since she or he gives advice about healing, but cannot heal on their own, in an ideal world, she or he should be linked to doctors and healers, should be aware of their natal charts and thru synastry decide whom the individual should see next. However, for practical reasons, it is actually best that the client finds his very own doctors and healers to go after exploring the astrologer, otherwise, in case something fails (along with ill people it always will), the astrologer can be accused of having a handle the practitioner which he has sent your client to.

From the chart, it is actually possible to decide on the type of therapy, including homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, vibropathy, massage, classical medicine, attending spas, aromatherapy, crystal healing, Su Jok, etc.

The Signs. Signs represent the twelve large systems in the body of man, beginning from Aries which represents the top, all through the sign of Pisces, ruling the feet. The signs that have the planets, either by birth or through progressed horoscopes, will stand out, or will probably function as the types of illness. For each and every sign an exclusive tissue salt exists; these are the building materials for body of a human, the substances with the combination of which tissues, organs, systems of organs, and lastly the complete body are made. By using these salts on their own or by combining them in material or โหราศาสตร์ยูเรเนียน, one’s health can be much improved.

Quite similarly, for every sign a special form of food is better. Medical astrologer will likely be qualified to give advice about food, and this will also improve the client’s health in several ways. Making use of the theory of doctrines, i.e. locating the similarities in between the zodiac, body, and herbs, it is also easy to connect signs with herbs and prescribe those to help the patient.

Degrees of the Horoscope in Medical Astrology. Each sign has 30 degrees, and all these 360 degrees is linked to one part of the body. Our planet on that degree is actually a predisposition to have an illness — the degree tells us which part of the body is within question, as the planet shows what type of disease it will probably be. In a similar manner, it is easy to connect the midpoints as well as the degrees.

The Planets, Asteroids, and also the Uranian Planets in Medical Astrology. The planets are types of energy inside the horoscope, and each is exclusive. As an example, the power of Mars is fire-like; he flames the fires in qikbxx body (causing high temperature) and cleanses it thus. Neptune means bacteria that are known to the medicine, while Pluto is for the unknown bacteria, and so forth. The asteroids, the large ones particularly, such as Ceres, Juno yet others, behave in a similar way. In medical astrology, the Uranian planets may also be used. There are eight “Uranian” planets which may have no astronomical data, but the influence of which can be felt quite strongly inside the chart. A few of these planets have strong medical connotations, so making use of them can raise the credibility of medical astrology analysis up to 90% of success.

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